What Can I Expect With Treatment?

Your specialized treatment plan will be similar to rehabilitation for any other muscle through physical or occupational therapy. A typical treatment plan ranges between 8-12 visits, but less or more may be applicable depending on the severity of the individual's condition and progress made throughout therapy. This plan will be created in the first visit, the evaluation, and adapted as needed. Often, patients can show improvement in just 4 visits if they are diligent with their exercises prescribed, and visits will be set based on the appropriate time/schedule that works for the patient. 

Your first visit will be a detailed, 75 minute evaluation that will be a review your medical history, a discussion of your current issue(s) and creation of goals, and a physical exam. A specialized treatment plan is then created for future sessions.

Who Should Make an Appointment?

1. Has your body not returned to normal after delivery?

2. Are you preparing to have a baby and need tips for an easy delivery? Want to minimize the effects of pregnancy?


3. Are you finding it difficult to hold your urine or stool, or are you having trouble making it to the toilet on time?

4. Have you experienced any leakage of urine or stool?

5. Are you having difficulty fully eliminating urine or stool?

6. Have you recently given birth and experienced any of the following?

  1. Perineum Tear

  2. Vacuum/Forceps Delivery

  3. C-Section Delivery

7. Have you had surgery for pelvic organ prolapse, or will you need to?

8. Do you have bowel or gas control issues?

9. Do you empty your bladder frequently (over 10-12 times per day)?

Why Rehabilitate the Pelvic Floor?

Like any other muscle in the body, the pelvic floor has 14 muscles that may require a tune up. Except you CAN'T SEE this complex system of muscles, connective tissue, and nerves, so you won't know if it's functioning properly without an evaluation, or until something goes wrong.
ANY irregularities in SEX or ELIMINATION, or any DISCOMFORT anywhere in the core or pelvis ARE NOT NORMAL. 
No, kegels are NOT the answer. Your pelvic floor is beautifully complex, just like you. A one-size-fits-all never works, and can be damaging.
The pelvic floor IS your CORE. The core is not the six pack. It supports many vital functions in our body, and is the compassionate brunt of most of our stress. As we stabilize our bodies when we fall, give birth, or experience a moment of stress mentally or emotionally, our pelvic floor and core muscles contract to protect us. With this protective function, the muscles can become tight, pressing on nerves, fascia can become adhered and immovable, and organs become compressed and limited.

Where Will Treatment Occur?

The Integrated Feminine is located inside of In Tune Integrative Wellness in NE Portland. During this time of COVID-19, we continue to offer telehealth sessions virtually from the comfort of your own home.

Before Your First Appointment

New patients are encouraged to fill out the new patient form of their complete medical history prior their first visit. 

In addition, the OR state requires that clients provide a referral from their physician to visit an occupational therapist if they plan to file for reimbursement from their insurance company. This is as simple as requesting an "Occupational Therapy prescription" from your physician.

For more information, please visit the Insurance page

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