Initial Evaluation (75-90 Minutes)

This session will be an in-depth interview to assess where you are at and come up with a treatment plan for you. We start with an in-depth interview to build a safe connection between us, and a gentle evaluation of posture, breathing, and any musculoskeletal imbalances. If necessary, I will then perform additional pelvic floor assessments on the second visit to provide a complete picture of what is going on internally and externally. 

Treatment Sessions (60 Minutes)

This is for building your mind and body connection. Treatment may include the following:

  • Internal and external manual muscle techniques: trigger point release, soft tissue mobilization, visceral (organ) mobilization, scar management, and myofascial release

  • Strengthening and neurological reeducation

  • Foundational education of pelvic health and self-care recommendations

  • Activity analysis and retraining for safe, functional, and meaningful participation

  • Bladder and bowel retraining

  • Biofeedback of the pelvic floor muscles to increase awareness and coordination

  • Breathing and nervous system regulation

  • Lifestyle modifications including guidance on sleep and rest, dietary, and hormonal considerations with life changes

  • Exercise and activity plans prescribed based on your personal routines, habits, and what works based on your roles

  • Home programs and preparatory activities (dilator use, self-massage, foam roll, myofascial tool work, exercise)

  • Kinesio-taping, bracing, and suggested modifications for optimal safety