I just want to say how AMAZING Emily and The Integrated Feminine is!!! I have had lopsided hips since I was at least a teen. I knew that I had an uneven gait but I’m so used to it and it didn’t affect much when I was younger, even through birthing two kiddos. ⁣
Chiropractors would adjust me but I’d always go right back out of place. It’s recently really affected my middle splits progress and other things.⁣
And then a few months ago my tailbone became severely out of place, which caused a lot of inflammation and pain to the point where going from sitting to standing was excruciating and I had to move soooo slowly because of the pain. I finally sought help at that point. ⁣⁣I am really happy to say that I have had 3 really thorough appointments with Emily along with PT exercises she gave me, and through her holistic approach, my tailbone is almost back to 100% straight, the tailbone pain is mostly gone, and my hips stayed even since our last appt for once in my life!! Emily is amazing! And it feels so good to walk evenly!  The next thing I’m working on will be some other specific pelvic floor issues. I have 100% faith in Emily and her ability to accurately assess, and help heal. THANK YOU Emily!!! 🙏🏻 Also her IG has super valuable information. If you’re not following her, go follow!! You’ll thank me!

-K. B.

Emily is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. She has a caring and warm nature which make her a pleasure to work with as well. She helped me with some tips that were key for me in both preparing for and getting successfully through my unmedicated labor/birth (with a big baby, nonetheless!). Now she is helping me focus on what I can do to help the healing and strengthening process afterward. I only wish I’d had this kind of support with my first baby! I highly recommend Emily and her services.

-B. C.

I have been working with Emily at Integrated Feminine for a while. She is the very best Pelvic Floor therapist I have worked with-and I have worked with many! She is personable, very thorough - and I finally feel that I am making progress. She follows up frequently with messages to implement our sessions. It's easy to talk to her about intimate issues and she listens carefully. I can recommend her highly to anyone who is looking for en excellent therapist.


This amazing women fixed me in ONE SESSION! I am an older woman that came to see Emily to discuss issues I was having with painful sex. For about 3 years, I didn't go a day without some pelvic pain, and on a weekly basis, I'd experience severe pain with sex that would last for hours and was, needless to say, very traumatic and disruptive in my relationship.  I asked for an internal assessment on the first treatment, which Emily usually doesn't do, but we talked extensively on the phone and I felt very comfortable with her immediately. I wanted to find out as soon as possible if I had a prolapse, or a major imbalance internally. Emily listened carefully to my concerns, and checked my breathing, my posture, my movement. When she assessed my pelvic floor, she helped me breathe through several trigger point releases in the muscle. I learned to connect to that area by her instruction, and now am able to feel those muscles, breathe and release tension anytime I want. The day after seeing her, my chronic pain was GONE. To this day 1 year later, I am completely pain free, and forever grateful. 


I had the pleasure to get to know Emily based on our mutual interests with regards to women's healing on a holistic cycle perspective and how this relates to our offerings and purpose in this lifetime. Emily is a potent and Powerful woman, who I was privileged to momentarily witness her at a time she was fully stepping into her purpose. I was blown away by our ability to connect with deep understanding and knowledge about women's health... women's wisdom. As a women's health practitioner, I will be recommending many of clients who will benefit from Emily's knowledge and care with her practice "The Integrated Feminine", most assuredly <3. Thank you, Emily, For your offerings and important scope of practice, helping to shift how we receive and tend to the healthy woman's body !!!