Bladder & Bowel

Incontinence, urgency,

frequency, overactive bladder,

frequent UTIs, constipation, IBS

Sexual Health & Appreciation

Optimal participation in intimacy,

dyspareunia, vaginismus,

erectile dysfunction,

premature ejaculation,

Peyronie's disease


Pregnancy, Fertility, & Birth Recovery

Infertility issues,

birth preparation and planning,

postpartum healing,

scar mangement



Low back, SI, abdominal, hip,

pelvic, genital, pain with intimacy,

painful menstruation,

endometriosis, IC, PCOS

Athletic & Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Core and pelvic floor

muscle retraining,


pressure management,

optimal posture and

breathing restoration

Pre- and Post-Surgical 

Scar management,

gender affirming surgery,

hysterectomy, prolapse repair,

prostatectomy, pressure

management training,

pelvic floor and core strengthening 


Menstruation management,

menopause, trauma,

endometriosis, IC,  PCOS

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