Having these physical tools at home will increase your progress sooner. Subscribe to my emails for videos on tips and tricks for pelvic health (some will use these tools listed).  

Vaginal dryness or pelvic pain with sex? Here's a list of my recommendations and important tips about lubrication to keep you safe.

Looking for a yoga or exercise program? It's great to get a sequence designed individually for you at the Integrated Feminine. But, here are some programs with great general programs to get you started. 

Restore Your Core
One Strong Mama (for prenatal women)

Pregnant? Here are some recommend Pregnancy Support Belts that safely support you:

Serola SI Belt
Azmed Maternity Belt
Neotech Abdominal, Back, Waist Support Belt
Bao Bei Support Band

Read this educational article about support belts that Lindsey Vestel, MSOTR of the Functional Pelvis was featured in!