Searching? The Answer is Here: Commit to Living Life Differently

So, you want to be happy. To feel fulfilled in your relationships, career, living situation, and financial circumstance. You want to experience life the way you planned it out to feel: full of energy, laughter, lightness, and the security required to have the confidence to experiment, extend yourself and explore your gifts. You expected to feel whole, complete, and comfortable, and, instead, you feel tired, lost, and broken.

I'm here to tell you that Bliss is possible. For you, for me, for that guy on the street blankly staring into space with wrinkles that mark his obvious internal strain. How? Well, it isn't easy. And it's not how you think.

Because no one tells you how. Our world is set up to condition you to believe and create for yourself that you're not beautiful enough, you're not smart enough to step up and be a leader, you're not capable of living your dream. It's on the TV, it's in the ads, and it's in the minds of your friends, lovers, and parents. They are fighting to find that hope and possibility inside themselves, but your role models themselves have limiting thoughts. They struggle each and every day to show up and be authentic, to be honest with themselves and you, and believe that there just might be a glimpse of hope at the end of the tunnel.

Bliss is now. It's you

It is the realization that no one human is really on your side and for you. They can't be. There are promises, and dreams to support others to the best of one's ability. And that's all they are. Because the truth is, each human is here in the belief that they are separate. In a way, we are: we see our own reality, and not another's. One can never really know all of the reality tunnels someone is experiencing life through. And you can't count on someone to navigate yours.

If this is shocking to you, keep reading. While this may sound different to what you typically hear and how you think, this is access to Bliss. The access is: you are in control of your experience. You, and only you, can decide what's true for you. You can show up with the strangest of traits and the most "fucked up" past experiences and choices, and people are going to love you. And some people aren't. Yet, the more you can become you and acknowledge who you really want to be, you will experience comfort, safety. The more you can scrounge any amount of inner strength and create something brand new in your life, the more you will love yourself and draw even more loving friends and lovers to you. 

No one is in control of your life but you. No one knows what you truly desire, wish, and dream for your life, but you. And remember, everyone in your life will eventually disappoint you, so you may as well not rely on anyone but you. After all, you are with you for the rest of your life. So take care of yourself: feel to heal and allow yourself to cry on your bathroom floor. Allow yourself to let go of relationships that don't light you up 100%. Trust that there is an infinite number of experiences and possibilities to be had, and the moment you make space for new experiences, they will come. 

You can't count on someone to create Bliss for you. If you release your power into someone or something's hands, you will forever and always be disappointed. 

And, you have to commit to living life differently.

Choose: To laugh every day To move into the scariest parts of yourself that are hidden from everyone (including you) To take a deep breath and allow yourself a moment of peace To presence yourself to another human who thinks he/she is broken, and listen To let go of the small things that seem to occur differently than expected (because there's a bigger plan) To love yourself so wildly that you choose relationships that only meet your needs To respect and be in awe of your functioning skin, muscles, bones, brain, cells, consciousness

To let Bliss in: the allowance of all parts of you to rise to the surface, to show themselves to the world, to be free in feeling everything and anything that's you.

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