It's NEVER TOO Work on Your C-Section Scar

Whether you’ve JUST had your C-Section or it’s been 10 years since you gave birth, this post is for YOU!

DID YOU KNOW? 🤓Collagen fibers in scar tissue do not grow in the same direction as the original tissue, leading to uneven texture, discoloration, and numb or sensitive tissue.

This new scar tissue can also cause dysfunction elsewhere in the body. Your abdominal muscles and the connective tissue inside your core are connected to many areas of your body, including your pelvic floor. Because your incision went through several layers of abdominal tissue, it may affect the pelvic floor and cause the following:

Pelvic pain and dysfunction

Urinary urgency and frequency

Urinary incontinence

Painful sex


Scar sensitivity

Trigger points and pain in abdomen

Nerve irritation surrounding the area of the scar

But...we can prevent or heal these potential issues. How? Scar mobilization!

Scar mobilization helps by reorganizing the collagen fibers in a similar pattern as a normal tissue. Scar mobilization also reduces any adhesions in underlying connective tissues.

A pelvic floor physical therapist can help by assessing the scar and identifying the restricted area. Even during this time of COVID, a therapist can assess you via telehealth.

Use a touch of oil (coconut, olive oil, vitamin E) and use the following tips to mobilize your scar:

1. Consult your doctor to make sure your scar is completely healed and ready for treatment (wait at least 6-8 wks postpartum)

2. Work on desensitizing the area first: do gentle circular motion around the scar and then do the same on the scar if not too sensitive (some level of sensitivity and numbness is normal early post-op)

3. Incorporate motions in all directions: side to side, up and down, and diagonal directions

4. Progress to skin rolling technique. Start with just picking up the skin (or pinching and lifting) and releasing it. If there is no pain (or tolerable discomfort), continue with rolling the skin. Start working around the scar before rolling on top of the scar. *You can do these techniques 2-3x daily or within your tolerance 😁

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