Here's an idea

Read the last sentence of 9 books you own. Sing the sound that seems to come. Lick a wall. Crash a funeral home and love. Arrange some flowers in a way that seems nice. Shrug your shoulders. Up. Down. Up Down. 24 times. Then 8 more time. Because. Spread your toes. Love a human being. Love a human being. Doodle and sing and splash in a bathtub. Go for a walk. Collect some rocks. Plant them somewhere else. Walk home.  Tumble, twirl, trip and roll. Teach yourself to have multiple breakthroughs a day. See me for this. Dance with an 80-year-old. Fall in love with said 80-year-old. Cry and scream in front of your friends. Cry and scream and pound your fists in the comfort of your carpet. Bike 14 solo miles without a plan in hand or mind. Collect dinosaur figurines.  Talk to your 4-year-old self.  Pretend you're a season and take 10 deep breaths. Turn and look at someone. Don't look away. Hum like a ghoul. HO HU HO HU HUU. Pick up paper. Pick up a pen. Write.  Listen to your thoughts. Listen to your gut. Listen to the space. Listen to silence. Create a moment and bask in its glory.

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