Are you having in person sessions during COVID-19?

  • Yes, we am taking precautions and have a limited schedule. Virtual visits are available as well. Please book a session here. 

Do you accept insurance?

  • Yes! Check out a list here to see if visits with us will be covered.

Will internal work hurt? Will I be sore after treatment?

  • No, the treatment should feel similar to a typical massage, with some uncomfortable pressure but not pain. Treatment includes trigger point release, but these points typically release very quickly with the breath and awareness. 

Can I come if I'm bleeding?

  • Absolutely! We will adapt treatment to be more gentle during and the week prior to your expected cycle.

Can I get treatment with an IUD?

  • Yes. It is safe to receive internal work with an IUD. We do not perform Mayan Abdominal Massage with an IUD. 

Do you work also work with men? Trans or gender nonconforming people?

  • Absolutely! We welcome and work with all bodies and identifications. 

What if my trauma is triggered?

  • ​Trauma is very commonly stored in the pelvic bowl and trauma may come up in our sessions. As OTs, we have skills in mental health management and are trauma-informed on our team. We encourage that you are resourced with a counselor if you know that you will be uncovering significant trauma in our sessions. 

Do you offer virtual care?

  • Yes! There are so many things we can help with, whether it's pain and need for incremental dilation, nursing, positioning in general, protocols for restoring bladder health with nutrition and behavioral adaptations, massage techniques, somatic coaching and relaxation, fitness plans...the list goes on! In person meetings are great, especially if you want an evaluation of your pelvic floor muscles. However, virtual care can offer you the flexibility to receive care at home.