The Integrated Feminine is a specialized private practice that provides rehabilitation to those who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction.

The Integrated Feminine is dedicated to treating the whole system, including dietary changes, mindfulness and trauma release exercises, and teaching your body to work in new and improved ways with subtle cues and support. Treatment and diagnoses include: 

* Anismus * Biofeedback * Bladder Issues * Bowel Disorders * Diastasis Recti 

 Dysmenorrhea * Dyspareunia *Endometriosis * Holistic Pelvic Care™ * Incontinence  * IBS * Interstitial Cystitis * Low Back Pain * Mayan Abdominal Massage * Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction * Muscle Energy Techniques * Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation * Organ Prolapse * Pelvic Pain * Post-Surgical Rehab * Prostate Problems * Prenatal and Postpartum Care * Pudendal Neuralgia * Vaginismus * Visceral Manipulation * Vulvodynia


Our approach is an integrative one, treating the body from a whole-person perspective. We offer support in connecting the dots from past injuries, lifestyle habits, and emotional and psychological blockages that may be causing chronic pain, chronic inflammation, and recurring dysynergic patterns.

Why integrate the feminine?

At The Integrated Feminine, we seek to help you integrate your feminine energy: your creative, receptive, intuitive, connected, sensitive, sensual/sexual, and listening energy. 


The pelvic floor is the very important host of our most essential functions (absorption, elimination, sexual function and pleasure). It requires the same amount of attention and listening as the rest of our body. When is the last time you slowed down to feel or relax your pelvic area, or simply assess its function? It is an area that is difficult to feel or coordinate without practice. 

​At Integrated Feminine, we use a holistic, integrative approach to rehabilitate the pelvic and core imbalances, while cultivating deeper healing. Our approach looks at the patterns physically AND energetically (the "hidden" or more subtle blocks) to restore wholeness. 

pelvic floor therapist

Emily Merollis, MOTR/L, RYT

I'm Emily Merollis, MOTR/L, the founder of The Integrated Feminine. In my many years of service to others,  I believe that there is no better "core" to go after than the pelvic floor, which is the complex fulcrum of our body, housing and protecting the most essential organs and functions, taking the brunt of most of our movement needs and stress. 


As an occupational therapist, my mission is to help clients get back to what they love, and to learn the skills to maintain daily lifestyle habits to live an healthy, empowered life with a deeper connection to body, mind, and spirit. As a lifelong athlete and aerialist, I am passionate in developing customized fitness programs for each individual to regain functional strength and increase body awareness. 

I graduated from Colorado State University with a Master’s in Occupational Therapy, and have studied with Herman & Wallace and am becoming certified in Biofeedback for Pelvic Floor Muscle Dysfunction. I am a certified yoga therapist (RYT 500) and Mayan Abdominal Massage practitioner, and have skills in visceral (organ) mobilization, myofascial techniques, and craniosacral therapy. I am certified as a relationship and intimacy coach, empowering individuals and couples to mindfully explore connection and intimacy through awareness, communication, and trauma-informed modalities. I am trained in Holistic Pelvic Care™, a trauma-informed intravaginal and breathwork technique created by Tami Lynn Kent.