Pelvic Rehabilitation
Treating all gender diversities to identify the root cause of your symptoms. Implementing integrative and whole-body treatment to get you living your best life possible.


     Pelvic floor dysfunction is extremely common and affects more than 45% of men and women at some point in their life. Symptoms vary but typically include external or internal pelvic pain, incontinence or of urine or stool, limits in sexual appreciation, low back or hip pain, frequent urination or bladder infections, bowel issues, and/or core weakness/instability. 

    The Integrated Feminine provides individualized assessment and therapy plans to treat each unique person. We start at the center - your pelvis - and bridge the gap between top and bottom, outer and inner, physical and energetic. We support each person's system with specialized home programs to best treat physical imbalances, while restoring nervous system restoring feminine qualities of attuning, enriching, and reclaiming one's energy.

pelvic floor therapist

Emily Merollis, MOTR/L, RYT

I'm Emily Merollis, MOTR/L RYT, the founder of The Integrated Feminine. In my many years of service to others,  I believe that there is no better "core" to go after than the pelvic floor. Our pelvis is the complex fulcrum of our body, housing and protecting the most essential organs and functions, and taking the brunt of most of our movement needs and stress. 


As an occupational therapist, my mission is to help clients get back to what they love, and to learn the skills to maintain daily lifestyle habits to live an healthy, empowered life with a deeper connection to body, mind, and spirit. As a lifelong athlete and aerialist, I am passionate in developing customized fitness programs for each individual to regain functional strength and increase body awareness.

Bladder & Bowel

Incontinence, urgency,

frequency, overactive bladder,

frequent UTIs, constipation, IBS

Sexual Health & Appreciation

Optimal participation in intimacy,

dyspareunia, vaginismus,

erectile dysfunction,

premature ejaculation,

Peyronie's disease


Pregnancy, Fertility, & Birth Recovery

Infertility issues,

birth preparation and planning,

postpartum healing,

scar mangement










Low back, SI, abdominal, hip,

pelvic, genital, pain with intimacy,

painful menstruation,

endometriosis, IC, PCOS

Athletic & Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Core and pelvic floor

muscle retraining,


pressure management,

optimal posture and

breathing restoration

Pre- and Post-Surgical 

Scar management,

gender affirming surgery,

hysterectomy, prolapse repair,

prostatectomy, pressure

management training,

pelvic floor and core strengthening 


Menstruation management,

menopause, trauma,

endometriosis, IC,  PCOS


 ...She helped me with some tips that were key for me in both preparing for and getting successfully through my unmedicated labor/birth (with a big baby, nonetheless!)... Now she is helping me focus on what I can do to help the healing and strengthening process afterward. I only wish I’d had this kind of support with my first baby! I highly recommend Emily and her services.

-B. C.

...I just want to say how AMAZING Emily and The Integrated Feminine is!!! ⁣⁣I am really happy to say that I have had 3 really thorough appointments with Emily along with exercises she gave me, and through her holistic approach, my tailbone is almost back to 100% straight, the tailbone pain is mostly gone, and my hips stayed even since our last appointment for once in my life!!...

-K. B.

...She is the very best Pelvic Floor therapist I have worked with-and I have worked with many! I finally feel that I am making progress...


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